Thursday, February 5, 2009

Endless Vacation @ Malvan & Tarkarli

Endless Vacation @ Malvan Tarkarli

(23-26 Jan 2009)

Dolphins watch boat safari @ Tarkarli

Life is an endless vacation!
(Location - Tarkarli Dock) 

Dandi point @ Malvan

Malvan has got very nice sea-shore


Snorkeling @Backside of Sindhudurga Fort

Famous Dish from its famous location

Sindhudurga Fort

Unique coconut tree which has two branches@ Sindhudurga Fort

Shivaji Maharaj built this fort on island of 'kurte'

Shivaji Maharaj's palm and foot prints

Clean & Beautiful - Chivala beach, Malvan

Sunset @ Chivala beach, Malvan

Morning @ Tarkarli Dock

Fish Market @ Tarkarli Dock

MTDC House Boat, Tarkarli

Dream Bungalow @ Sea shore

Devbag & the Sangam, a point where a Tarkarli river meets the sea

Beautiful Island made by tsunami, 300-400 years ago

Our ship, landing @ Island

Crystal clear sea water of island

Beautiful & Clean Island

Joy@ Beautiful Island

Tarkarli is the long and narrow stretch of beach, with its pristine waters

Tarkarli Beach

Tarkarli situated 6 kms from Malvan

MTDC Boat house at Tarkarli beach

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                             Endless vacation @ Malvan & Tarkarli
Malvan & Tarkarli -
Jan 24, 2009
by Shrikant

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  1. Very Good pics...can u throw some light on how do you go and what was the cost for the trip...


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