Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Explore Darya Ghat Trek

Explore Darya Ghat Trek


Way Towards Darya Ghat

Darya Ghat 
Darya Ghat is ancient cattle trade route similar to Naneghat which connect Pune Dist. & Kokan 
Kaylan on this side

Temple @  Darya Ghat

Shrikant, Bhushan, Pankaj, Balu, Samyak, Abodh (L-R)

You are invited to view Shrikant's photo album: Darya Ghat Explore Trek

                                        Darya Ghat Explore Trek
Aug 3, 2009
by Shrikant

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  1. really amazing photography..whats a good monsoon trek with a 11 year old ( he manages the regular- sinhagad, bhimashanker) where we could see some fauna?

  2. soory..i reside in a 1 or 2 day is perfect from pune