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Ghosalgad And Kuda Caves Trek

Ghosalgad And Kuda Caves Trek
घोसाळगड उर्फ वीरगड

  Ghosalgad घोसाळगड 
    Grade: For Machi - 1/5 (Easy)
                     For Top - 3.5/5  (Difficult)
    Getting there: Base village Ghosala is located  9 km south of Roha and 32 km east of Murud on .Roha-Murud Road, Dist-Raigad
    Time to Visit : Any time, Best Time- Monsoon
    Time to Reach : From Ghosala village 
                                For Machi : 20 min.
                                For Top : 45 min.
    Water Availability : Water is available in water tanks throughout the year but not suitable for drinking.
    Stay Facility : At Ganesh Temple in Ghosala village.
    Caution : Ascent to top is very steep and is overgrown with long and slippery grass.
    Spots Near By : KudaCaves, Talagad, Avachitgad, Murud Janjira

Ghosalgad घोसाळगड Map
Ghosalgad घोसाळगड
View from Ghosala village

View of Bale killa from Machi of Ghosalgad घोसाळगड

Entrance of Ghosalgad घोसाळगड Fort

Chor darwaja@ Entrance of Ghosalgad घोसाळगड

Rock Carvings @ Entrance of Ghosalgad घोसाळगड

Cannon Point @ Ghosalgad घोसाळगड

Way from Canon Point towards top is very steep and is overgrown with long and slippery grass.

View of Ghosalgad घोसाळगड Machi from top

Talagad view from top of Ghosalgad घोसाळगड

View of Rajpuri (Murud ) creek from top of Ghosalgad घोसाळगड

Bridge on Rajpuri (Murud ) creek
Rajpuri (Murud ) creek

Kuda caves, Located near Kuda Village in Raigad Dist.

Getting there: From Roha, Roha-Ghosala-Kuda
From Mangaon, Mangaon-Indapur-Tala- Kuda

Rajpuri creek view from Kuda caves

Kuda Caves consists of a series of 26 Buddhist caves.

Kuda caves command a beautiful view.

Kuda Caves made for Buddhist mendicants some 1700 - 2100 years ago.

Kuda Caves

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