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Sagargad Trek

Sagargad (Khed Durg) Trek

'सागरगड' ऊर्फ 'खेडदुर्ग' 

  Sagargad  सागरगड

  Grade: 2.5 / 5 (Medium)
  Getting there: Region- Alibag, Dist-Raigad
                          Total three routes are available to reach Sagargad सागरग
                          1. Khandala route (Recommend, scenic route great view of Dhondane waterfall ) Khandala 
                              village is situated on Mumbai- Alibag road & at a distance of 8 km before Alibag.
                          2. Vaghede route (lie on Mumbai-Alibag road)
                          3. Bail Khind route
  Time to Visit : Any time, Best Time- Monsoon
  Time to Reach : From Khandala village 2-2.5 hrs 
  Water Availability : Water is available on the route at Siddheshwar Ashram & Sagargad सागरगड  Machi / Wadi.
  Stay Facility: Not available on the fort. At Siddheshwar Ashram & Sagargad सागरगड Machi / Wadi .can be arrange
  Caution: Beware of monkeys near Siddheshwar Ashram
  Spots Near By : Korlai  Fort, Revdanda Fort , Kulaba Fort, Alibag

Route Map of  Sagargad सागरगड
Download Full size map  Sagargad Click here

Morning Dreams

No Dream is too Big

Our bikes @ Khandala

Paule Chalti Pandharichi wari.

After reaching at the base of hill from Khandala village via cart route, rock Steps route starts from this point.
20 minutes required to reach upto this point from Khandala village through walk

After reaching top of base hill of Sagargad सागरगड via rock steps monkey welcomes you

Detective Monkey

Dhondane waterfall

 Siddheshwar Ashram on the towards Sagargad सागरगड
After reaching top via rock steps, there is a junction. Route on the left go towards Sagargad and the right go towards Siddheshwar Ashram

Near Siddheshwar Ashram there is small waterfall, this stream is the source of Dhondane waterfall
This waterfall is available still December / January

A well near Sagargad सागरगड

Sagargad सागरगड Machi / wadi


A small wonder @ Sagargad सागरगड Machi / wadi

Sagargad सागरगड with Vanartok Pinnacle & Takmak tok

Bastion & wall of Sagargad सागरगड

Vanartok Pinnacle of Sagargad सागरगड

Roha creek view from Sagargad सागरगड

Bastion, near the entrance of Sagargad सागरगड

Shivling & a Ganesh temple @ Sagargad सागरगड

Sagargad सागरगड

View of Takmak tok @ Sagargad सागरगड

Sagargad सागरगड

View of Takmak tok @ Sagargad सागरगड
This can be seen from the Alibaug-Pen road
Vanartok is a quite a climbing spot for climbers

Sachin with Arabian Sea backside @ Sagargad सागरगड

Samyak with Vanartok Pinnacle of Sagargad सागरगड @ takmak tok

Sagargad सागरगड

3 Idiot trekkers, a group of Sagargad सागरगड Trek
Samyak Ballal, Sachin Sarsar & Shrikant (L-R)

View of Korlai  fort & Arabian Sea from Sagargad सागरगड

Golden spots created by Sunlight passing through the clouds on Arabian Sea 

River on the way to meet the sea

 You are invited to view Shrikant's photo album: Sagargad Trek.

Sagargad Trek
Nov 7, 2009
by Shrikant
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